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Nevada Pain Care

Las Vegas, NV

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  • Monday7:30 A.M.—5:00 P.M.
  • Tuesday7:30 A.M.—5:00 P.M.
  • Wednesday7:30 A.M.—5:00 P.M.
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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.2

Carol Waugh

a month ago

Been in pain management since 2010. Moved to Vegas in 2018. The staff and doctors here, are incredible. Truly. They listen to you, are quick to respond to your questions and phone calls. Will do all that they can to get you referrals and they take your pain seriously. I will never find another pain management as wonderful as they are! I will miss them dearly as we have moved away .

Levity Seeker

4 weeks ago

Anastasia Van Leuvan, PA has a very poor disposition. She's barely verbal, cold and generally disconnected. Unfortunately, between her and scheduling/exit team, it gives this office a poor environment. Seen Dr. Antflick and Eric Travis, PA and had excellent experiences. Front desk crew is very good too. If they let a couple of these poor performing team members go, they may get much more patient satisfaction.

Jacqui Pound

3 weeks ago

False Hope. It took a month to get in. He was the first doctor to actually examine my source of pain. He told me he thought I should see a specialist and the problem could be fixed. Finaly wahoo it's been 7 yrs. He TOLD me he was sending out two referrals for me and two prescriptions to help me out. I called every week for five weeks about both the referrals and the scripts because i heard nothing back about either. Each time they told me "Oh I am sorry it doesn't look like we have sent it yet. I will have the doctor do it right now" Nothing . Nada. Waste of my time and money. I cancelled my next appointment because what was the point.

Jaymz B.

2 months ago

Everytime I enter the office I'm greeted with a smile, a hello and the paperwork required. Everyone knows my name and if I ever have a problem, the staff either can fix it or will direct me how to. There is normally 10 min wait time between the time you turn in your paperwork and getting called to back to the exam rooms. Everyone & everything is clean & professional. I have never had a pain management doctor who cared as my h as Doc Gephardt has. I drive from Boulder City (just about) to the office every 4 weeks 18 miles 1 way. Yes, the drive is worth it because everyone who works there is polite, well mannered, knowledgeable, professional and work in a timely fashion. If they were not, I would surely have found a pain management doctor whos office is closer to me.

Megan Stephens

3 months ago

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Do not go here or if you do - do not think this doctor, front desk staff, or PA's care about your health and well being. They are petty and will withhold your medical records if they do not like you personally. Where are their professional standards of care. I thought Doctors are supposed to do no harm - but when petty mean girl behavior from them is involved all of that goes right out the window. Dr. Gephardt and PA's you had better be careful because the unprofessional and medically harmful behavior of the front desk staff and their juvenile antics are going to get your sued or worse get patients killed. This has been reported to the State Medical Board by myself and our insurance company. They do not care about YOU or YOUR FAMILIES and unfortunately the front desk staff will not allow access to the Doctor they control for the DR to know the manipulation going on to protect themselves and their jobs at the expense of his patients care, his offices reputation, potentially his medical license and business license. You should all be ashamed of yourself and take a look in the mirror of why you got into careers that are supposed to be about patient care. You clearly do not care about that at all so maybe you should just work at the local bar next door instead.

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