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Walmart Neighborhood Market

Schenectady, NY

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 3.7


4 years ago

So I see a few posts regarding the cart pusher who left this store. His name is Cody. I used to work with him as a cashier and "CAP 2" member (stocker) Cody is a great guy and I sent this these comments and I'm sure he will appreciate them. I know he enjoyed working there and interacting with the customers as much as I did.

Elizabeth Adamson

4 years ago

Beyond convenient! Open 24/7 great prices..and their food brand pizza is always in my freezer.

Badass Uchiha

5 years ago

it is very Convenient, however very small, Nevertheless it wasn't bad. they had everything I wanted so many Products it was hard to to choose from Microwavable Foods, to Spices to other perishable items that was great Quality.

Casey Weston

4 years ago

Man is there even any carts in this store? For fudge sake..i cant find a cart in this place.. also those toilets are atrocious

Melissa Gratto

4 years ago

Get my online orders delivered there and can pick them up in a breeze. Someone waits on me quickly. Go to the Altamont Ave. Walmart and have to have someone paged and then WAIT. Not speedy. Also at the neighborhood market I can run in and always get what I want. No hassle. Sure will miss if and when they close. Will have to get pickup orders at Altamont store and groceries farther away at Washington Ave.ext Walmart.. Neighborhood could walk if had to.

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