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Marat Metoff

6 months ago

Rating: 5

Ian and the rest of the staff provided personal and professional treatment for my needs. They did a thorough evaluation of my weaknesses and completely explained how they will work with me in making me heal from my surgeries. During the treatment and working with Ian, he had me work on those weaknesses, constantly made sure I was okay doing the exercises. I’m actually looking forward to my next treatment appointments as I have total confidence that it will make me heal in a safe and effective way.


2 weeks ago

Rating: 5

In September 2020 I have the unfortunate experience of tearing my ACL in my right knee. For months I struggled with activities I used to do, especially in the gym. I had MRIs done to confirm the injury and it was advised that I undergo surgery to repair the damage. I, like everyone, did not want to go through that and face a year long recovery period. I work out at One Life Fitness and have seen the Jackson's office and figured I'd stop in. My initial plan was to pre-hab myself so that I was stronger for post surgery healing. During the past few months I have been working with Hunter, a very professional and down to earth therapist. With his help I was able to improve to the point of doing agility work with the ladder, long jumps, and box jumps without pain. At this point I was still under the assumption that I was performing this with a damaged ACL and had just strengthened the surrounding muscles to compensate. Last week, I had an appointment for a Regenxx therapy that utilizes stem cells to facilitate regeneration in injured ACLs. On procedure day, the doctor injected my ACL with contrast so that they could see the condition of it. Turns out, it healed itself and we stopped the procedure and did not undergo the treatment. I attribute this success and great outcome to Hunter and the Jackson Clinic team for taking great care of me. If you are in a similar situation and mindset of not wanting to rush into surgery, give them a try and see if your body responds to physical therapy as mine did.


6 months ago

Rating: 5

Really thoughtful, friendly group of professionals working there. From Yasmin and Shirley at the front desk to Ian working on my knee and ankle, to Aly the taskmistress making me do all the mean exercises to an eclectic soundtrack, they're a really good and helpful group who think outside the box to try to find solutions. Strength building without pain is their focus; it's not just about hitting milesones, but creating programs that clients can maintain on their own at home for long term success. I'd highly recommend this group and plan to go back after upcoming surgery.

Henry and Marie Degeneste

6 months ago

Rating: 5

Worldgate Jackson's clinic has been terrific for me. I have very severe plantar fasciitis and they have helped me to keep working. I did every medical procdure there is short of surgeryand the PT was the most helpful thing I have done. Mike and Aly both are wonderful; instructive and supportive, as is everyone else in the clinic, actually, I stopped going during COVID because I'm not on my feet as much, but I would go back in a heartbeat. I actually miss them, they became like family.

Arash Yazdi

a year ago

Rating: 5

I can't say enough about this Jackson's location for Physical Therapy. When I first started my PT I can barely move my neck and had pain radiating in my neck and shoulders that was caused by a chiropractor. Ian has been patient and listened to my issues and has provided amazing Physical Therapy and a routine towards become healthier and pain free. The whole staff is amazing Yasmeen is always pleasant and helps schedule my appointments and both HM and Alison provide the exercises onsite and at home to accomplish in a fun and professional manner! I highly recommend them for any type of physical therapy you might need.

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