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Renton, WA

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 3.9

Dick Mueller

3 years ago

Wonderful place . Nice Staff. They really go out of their way for the clinics long time loyal patients who stuck around after the move . I have been to the worst of.the worst rat infested, just undesirable clinics , yes the ones that hire refugees who can't speak english therefore can't communicate and rarely or never give a correct prognosis . Never in a million years would even imagine writing a review(a positive one). Well if you going here you're in for.a.surprise its the complete.opposite.this place is great . keep up the good work and superior customer service . my advice would be don't be late or miss your appointments and you're golden

Kris Miller

3 years ago

Amazing staff and kindness doc ever love them all so easy talk to helpful and so understanding and they put up with my sense of humor two thumbs up

Sabrina Hiser

4 years ago

It is the worst place ever. I went in from a different doctor that I have been with for years. He ended up moving and expanded his business. I brought doctor sun all my records and excellent reports about me. When I saw him he started me lower than what I was on told me if I needed to to up it and. One back early so I did. They prescribed me the right amount that time. So I ho back in today and he tells me he don't remember I said look at your chart notes then tells me I'm winging my self off what kind of doctor does that and doesn't give me what I had got the second time. I go to the pharmacy and the pharmacies tells me that they hear nothing but bad things things from about him. Says he likes likes to just cut you down really quick and leave you without nothing to help. I will tell anyone he is the worst doctor I have ever met in my life and don't need to be running a office. If your on sebutex don't go to him he don't even know how to wing people off. And don't even rennet you or won't look through his charts because he might be wrong.

Buck Alex

3 years ago

I've waited almost 2 weeks for an appointment or atleast a call back. Ive had to physically go into the "walk in clinic" asking for this location to call me back, providing contact information each time ive been in. One of the receptionist was talking personally on the office phone when I walked on and provided my information. Granted she was on lunch it still gave me a very unprofessional appreance of this facility. (Still waiting for a phone call back.)

Valerie Whitehead

2 years ago

I don’t know about the other doctors in this office but I’m a proud patient of Dr.Sun he does care about his patience and I’ve never had a pharmacist tell me anything bad about him shame on a pharmacist for talking poorly about a doctor. From what I know about subutex, doctors have to have a reason to prescribe it because they want you on suboxone due to it having naloxone in it so you can’t mix it with other opiates. The point is to get you off opiates and stay off them to have a better life well subutex can make it tempting to go back to your old ways and abuse opiates so doctors hands are tied because they have to have some medical reason to have you on subutex some pharmacist won’t even fill them without hearing from the doctor personally why the doctor is prescribing subutex it happened to a friend of mine she was pregnant so she showed them her belly and they finally filled it. Doctors are looking out for your best interest when they prescribe suboxone which have changed many people’s lives the patient doesnt have to go to methadone clinics everyday they go to the doctor monthly and they can live a productive life so try to understand where the doctor is coming from and give their method a chance they don’t have it out for you or want you in pain or to suffer they took and oath to help their patients so try to look at it from their side too I hope everything works out for everyone and keep up the fight your brave for getting help and I appreciate Dr. Sun he’s a good one God Bless you all

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