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Rehabilitation Institute of Washington PLLC

Seattle, WA

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5

Ryan Jurney

5 months ago

After two years of dealing with a brain injury and endless migraines. I went from doc. To doc. And all kinds of therapy. I felt like I wasn’t being heard and everyone was telling me what I couldn’t do. I came to RIW and they changed the Narrative, all the sudden I was pushed to do more. They helped me set applicable goals and pushed me to where I want to be . If you come into this program with an open mind and and a willingness to work hard you will succeed

Haleh Olsen

7 months ago

Staff were professional and friendly. Following Covid guidelines while helping individuals get back to their health.

Nohemi Aguilar

6 months ago

Amazing therapists and stuff

Marc Mcclinchy

2 years ago

OMG so happy I found this place. Unbelievable staff and services. If you have had a serious injury I highly recommend checking RIW out. Beyond Friendly staff, great therapists , they cover not only physical therapy but they cover all aspects including cognitive therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and much more . If I could give 50 stars I would. Unbelievably thankful for this great place.

Breanna H

2 years ago

I went in for an assessment for a mTBI. The doctor and psychologist I saw provided terrible care, aweful bedside manner, and as 'brain injury specialists' did not seem to know much about brain injuries at all. The doctor I saw, Dr. Chong did not give me the time of day during my examination, spoke rapidly, didn't listen to my answers (and would incorrectly summarize what I said), interrupted me, was short, rude, and showed little to no care. After an actual exam of about 5min or less and an interview in which he didn't listen to me in which he determined I didn't have, and never had a TBI, although I was diagnosed with it by 3 different doctors (including a neurologist) and exhibited tons of TBI symptoms. The neur-psychologist I did my neuro-psych exam with made me feel like i was lying or making things up the whole time, even though what I was expressing were/are normal TBI symptoms (mood changes, irritability, vision changes). After telling her that it was hard to read she insisted i fill out some very personal surveys with a ton of questions and just had the front desk staff ask them to me. Which is terrible care, because of how personal the questions were, and because I intentionally had a support person come with me to help with paperwork and she gave them to me after the support person left, and insisted i complete them. (The front desk staff was very kind and helpful, though) Furthermore they do not offer Vision Therapy, which can be an important aspect of TBI recovery. Overall it was a horrendous experience in which I was not listened to, made to feel like I was lying or making things up, was treated highly disrespectfully and belittled, and was gaslit. It was aweful. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

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